June- Make sure your yard is ready for summer get-togethers with family and friends. Use organic fertilizers to green up your lawn and encourage plant blooms. Apply sealant to stone and concrete patio areas to help prevent staining from food and drink and help protect pool decking from water damage.

July- You’ll enjoy summer even more if you keep yard maintenance to a minimum by mulching plants, shrubs and trees to reduce weeds and watering needs. Looking for a weekend project? Try a small pond, water feature or container garden to enhance your outdoor living areas.

August- You can reduce watering needs and heat-related stress to plants, trees and shrubs by mulching to a depth of 3-4 inches. Use Medina products to fertilize. Check out the liquid plant and lawn fertilizers that can be attached to your hose when hand watering.

September- Its time for Fall planting and yard clean up. Pay attention to areas in your lawn that repeatedly die out during the summer. You can add soil and replant sod or solve the problem by building planting berms with drought tolerant perennials or xeriscaping the area with decorative landscape rock.

October- Help protect your landscape investment and hard work by mulching plants, shrubs and trees to a depth of 3-4 inches before the cold weather hits. Your lawn will benefit from a Fall application of top dressing. The cooler weather is ideal for do-it-yourself projects such as patios, walkways or a raised planting bed.

November- Finish yard projects before the holiday season begins. Top dress lawns with compost, add mulch to planting beds, and repair gravel or granite driveways and walkways. Remember, fresh-cut Christmas trees are available beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving - we have 4’-8’ and larger 9’-12’ trees.

December- Keep plants, shrubs and trees protected with 3-4 inches of mulch to help prevent damage during cold snaps. Use frost blankets to protect plantings when temperatures drop overnight. Move container gardens to a shed, garage or protected area. Happy Holidays from everyone at Stone & Soil Depot!

January- Protect plants from freezing temperatures with 3-4 inches of mulch, and remember to use a frost blanket too! It’s not too early to start planning your spring projects and lining up landscapers and masons before the busy spring season arrives.

February- Get a jump on Spring projects! Top dress your lawn with compost and prepare beds for planting by adding compost or a fresh soil mix. Before the spring rains hit, correct drainage problems and repair driveways and pathways with gravel, base or granite. Check out a new product called pathway stabilizer.

March- Consider xeriscaping yard areas that have died off by replacing dead plants and grass with landscaping rock or stone. Add soil or compost to areas where you want new sod and plants. Please remember to schedule deliveries up to a week in advance, if possible.

April- If you haven’t already done so, top dress your lawn with compost or a sand-compost mixture. Add fresh mulch to planting beds and around trees. Use mulch, sand or pea gravel to help control mud or dust in children’s play areas or pet runs.

May- Summer starts early in South Texas so be sure to top dress your lawn and mulch plants, shrubs and trees before the heat wave hits. Install landscaping rock or stepping stones to yard areas that get muddy when it rains or dusty when it’s dry. Add a patio or expand walkways and driveways with stone or rock.

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